Tuesday, 13th December

Liam is absent today.

Louise is the MC.

Léa Ba. is doing « What’s up ? » today:
Last weekend, she went to the  forest next to her house . She went there with her poney, her dogs, her father and her mother.
The name of her poney is Optina. Optina is a tall brown and white poney. The name of her parents are Laurent and Corine. Her dogs’names are Loustic and Gypsy. One is an Austalian sheperd.

Lucie is doing « Show and Tell » today:
The object of Lucie is a medallion. On the medallion, there are Marie and Jesus. It is very important for her because her godmother gave her for her Confirmation.

Eva, Ines and Ylona presented Underground malls in Canada.
Léa Ba., Louise and Maëlys presented Jacques Cartier.
Zoe, Léa Bo. and Lina presented Toronto.


PS : Threatened by ice and snow, the LCE 4D wish you a Merry Christmas !

Mrs Kientz