Thursday, 8th December

The MC is Léa Ba.
Léa Bo. Is absent.
Louise is doing « What’s’up ? ». Last weekend, she did her homework, geography and maths. She did a dance performance for the telethon. She also saw her family and did shopping.
Alessandro is doing « Show and tell. » He has forgotten his object. So we guessed it. It’s in his bedroom. It is not small or big. It is not an instrument. It is not a ball or a stone. It is not a game. It is not rectangular. It is not a book. It is a Rubik’s cube.
Rose presentation was on the Natives of Canada.
Alyssia and Lucie presentation was on Poutine and Maple syrup.
Ulysse and Mick presentation was on the beaver and the caribou.
Good bye